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Facts & Questions

 * Where do we depart from?

We leave from a private marina- Two Georges Marina. (100 Old Ferry Road Shalimar, FL) Please arrive 5 min. prior to trip departure time. Departure times are subject to CHANGE. If you are unable arrive when Capt. requests (ex. 30 min early if needed) and cancel your trip, you will NOT receive your deposit back. If you arrive late, it will be taken out of your trip time. Trips begin at given departure time unless Captain says otherwise. 

*How many people can we bring on the boat?

24' Seahunt allows up to 5 people max.

31' Twin Vee allows up to 6 people max. 

We only fish 4 people at one time on the boats to prevent tangles, if your party is more than 4 you will rotate but no worries you will need some rest from reeling. :) 

 What do I do when I arrive at marina?

Once you arrive at the marina you will park anywhere in gravel parking. After you have parked you will then look for our boat and your captain or deckhand should be there waiting for you. They will introduce themselves and assist you in loading any items you bring with you onto the boat.

 * What am I to expect on my trip?

Once we depart from marina, we will have about an 8-minute ride to the Gulf. Once we hit the Gulf depending on what we are targeting and what fish we intend to catch will vary our travel time from there. After we arrive at our location, we will set up 4 bottom rods and fish 4 people at a time in most applications. If the species, we are targeting requires trolling, we will place lines behind the boat while the boat is moving. If fish are hooked while trolling clients will take turns in rotation reeling them in. Whatever our travel time out is we will depart back to marina in that allotted time so that we have you back at marina safely in time.

*Will I get wet on the boat?

Although we try very hard to keep dry, unfortunately on the Gulf sometimes we get wet. All boats ride dry and smooth in lakes and rivers but when underway in a fishing boat in the Gulf wet is a part of it. Our famous saying is that the fish are already wet and it's a lot of water and a little bit of you. We do however recommend that you bring a light rain jacket along even in the hot summer because putting it on during a rain shower or rough ride can make a major difference. 

*May we swim while we are out there?

No. We do not allow people to freely swim while out in the Gulf because, YES, there are things beneath you that can and will eat or bite you. 

 * Do I or can I bait my own hooks?

Absolutely you may! Don't worry if you're not comfortable baiting your own our captains and deckhands will still take care of you. If you are willing to do it, we highly recommend it because you will learn how to properly do so, and you will not have to wait around for us to bait the hooks as we may be helping your family or friends that come along with you. Which means more fishing time for you.

 * Am I allowed to film or take pictures while fishing?

Yes, please do! Our crew is very use to being in front of the camera so we encourage it and if you would like one of our crew members to take your pictures please ask. Your memories are special when fishing so take all the pictures you can and be sure to tag us on social media!


* What happens if a trip is canceled?

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, when you pay you will NOT be refunded if you cancel your trip. If trip is canceled due to unforeseen boat issues or weather that is deemed unsafe by the captain (NOT rain-we fish in light rain showers) your deposit will be 100% refunded. 

* What will I need to have to make my day better?

We suggest bringing along a small cooler filled with snacks/drinks. Sunblock (no spray sunscreen please) and sun protective clothing is highly recommended (sunglasses, long sleeve spf, hats, etc.).  Please limit to only two carryon bags and a bag cooler or (at max) a 24qt hardshell cooler.  

*  What happens if I choose to cut my trip short?

Trips can be cut short due to sea sickness or (rarely) fear of being on big water. Once we depart the marina trips are paid in full, even if cut short. You as the client reserve and pay for the time slot you booked. The captains and crew supply and plan for every trip to be completed with the specific trip booked. Although don't worry or feel bad if you choose to go back early, it does happen and our goal is to make sure you're comfortable with us!

* Are children allowed on trips?

Children of all ages are allowed to come as long as they are at least 50lbs in weight. We do not carry Type One infant life jackets on board for children under 50lbs. These offshore life jackets are required by the coast guard and normal infant life jackets will not work. Also, if you could let the captain know before your trip how many children you have between 50 and 90lbs so we can have correct number of child vest aboard. The captains love having children aboard and recommends introducing them to saltwater fishing!

* ​Can we catch goliath grouper, marlin, or BIG fish on YouTube?

Unfortunately, these species are not common in our area. Although they are caught from time to time, we do not target these. The reason we do not target them is because they are either super rare for our area or you must travel hundreds of miles by water in order to do so. If you would like to catch a shark however, we are always willing to try just ask!

* ​May I request a certain species?

Absolutely! We are true sportsmen and love the idea of chasing something particular. We just ask that you discuss options when you arrive at the boat with the captain because sometimes certain species will not be in our area, and they will have a more likely successful option. Our captains always have a game plan so that you catch fish, but they are not scared of a challenge. Just understand that sometimes particular fish are about opportunity and never guarantee.

* ​Will our catch be cleaned after trip?

After your trip we will fillet and bag your catch for you. Please only keep enough for you to eat and release the rest after a smiling picture. We ask that you bring a small cooler with ice for after the trip to keep your fillets cold. * Any special request on filleting will require extra cost/tip to deckhand or Capt.

 * What if we don't want to keep the fish?

We only ask that you please let us know that before killing them. Surprisingly we prefer to not keep anything, and practice catch and release. Our career is vitally important that we protect and preserve our fishery so that future generations can enjoy it and ultimately, we still have a future job. 

* What happens if we don't catch anything to bring home?

Our trips are not designed to insure you bring home fish to eat but we insure you will have a great time on the Gulf. Due to limit regulations in Florida, at times can be hard to bring back fish on every trip. *See Saltwater Recreational Fishing Regulations | FWC ( to see what is in season during your trip.  If you want to fill your freezer, we recommend a local fish market. As a charter service we are equipped to take you into the gulf and put you on the fish- NOT catch the fish for you. Each person must be capable of catching their own fish in order to keep a limit. (Ex. Young kids, elderly, and ride-along) As we have a great reputation of bringing home catches, we cannot control mother nature nor your fishing skills. Listening to your Captain and crew is a great way to get the hang of it and reel in some fish. 

If you have any medical conditions or recently have had surgery, please let the Captain know beforehand. (If recently had surgery you must be released from your physician.)  We are NOT responsible for any injuries.


(Tips are preferred in cash. Deckhands accept tips by venmo/cashapp also. Just ask!)

All cards used will be charged a card processing fee. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call or shoot us

a message and we will be happy to answer them for you!

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